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A Guide To Japanese Money
Brief but very useful photos and descriptions of Japanese bills and coins, plus what machines accept them.
A Look Into Japan
Includes a photo gallery, quizzes, horoscopes, essays regarding Japanese culture and close-up looks at Tokyo, Kyoto and Mt. Fuji. [French and English] Japan for Visitors
Travel to Japan: tips, sightseeing, entertainment, dining, transportation, maps, culture, events, schooling, accommodation, history, and weather. Includes bi-weekly feature about Japan.
Allexperts Japan Travel Q&A
Veteran travelers answer questions about tourism and travel in Japan.
Attitude Travel Japan
Free independent travel information, with an open source travel guide for backpackers.
DMC Japan
Provides destination services, recreation and business inspection tours, meeting and conference services, and transportation management for groups.
Expo 2005 Aichi
The Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition explains its environmental and futuristic themes, and gives details of its timetable, and attractions. Also a guide to visiting Japan.
Japan Guide
Extensive guide to tourism and living in Japan.
Japan Guide for the Indian Traveller
Japan travel and tourism guide with tips, cuisine, sports and events.
Japan National Tourist Organization
Japanese government site providing information for online budget hotel reservations, regional guides, convention locations, museums, and important starting information.
Japan Visitor
Tourist information for visitors and residents.
Japan's Heartland
Guide to the Tokai area tourist sites, culture, traditions, activities, regional specialties, and lodging.
Mumu Travel Tips in Japan
Basic travel tips on money, eating, culture and business for first-timers to Japan.
Plant Protection Station
Government site that gives information on plants prohibited from being carried to and from Japan, and station functions.
Public Aquariums in Japan
Listings of major aquariums across the country.
Quirky Japan Homepage
A look at interesting and unusual places and events in Japan, designed for people who want to get off the beaten track.
Today's Japan
Information on downtown access from airport, culture, holidays, climate, dining, transportation, accommodations, food, and tours.
Touring Information of Japan
A guide introducing traditional Japan and its mountains with pictures and ratings, categorized by region.
Townpage Route Search
Japan rail fare calculator and travel navigator (between any station or airport in Japan).

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